U.S. Representatives Support Farm Credit

By Karen Macdonald - August 1, 2016

In June during a special session of the House of Representatives, Members were invited to share messages of support for Farm Credit as it marks its 100-year milestone of supporting rural communities and agriculture. Thirty representatives from nineteen states either spoke on behalf of Farm Credit on the House floor or submitted written statements.

The special session on behalf of Farm Credit was spearheaded by Representatives Austin Scott (R-GA) and David Scott (D-GA), the Chair and Ranking Member, respectively, of the House Agriculture Committee’s subcommittee on rural credit.

In his statement, Rep. Austin Scott said, “I rise today to recognize Farm Credit’s 100th Anniversary of supporting our rural communities and providing reliable credit to those in the agriculture industry throughout our country. Throughout this Congress as the Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Commodity Exchanges, Energy, and Credit, I have worked with Farm Credit extensively. These interactions have reaffirmed what I already knew: the Farm Credit system is made up of dedicated Americans who understand the needs and champion the value of rural America.”

Rep. David Scott spoke passionately about Farm Credit’s role in supporting the South as it rebuilt after the Civil War even as it was becoming embroiled in World War I, as well as its current work in supporting young and beginning farmers to ensure the future of agriculture. “This is a remarkable 100-year observance of a truly remarkable organization that provided a great need at a great time…And so on this 100th anniversary, isn't it something that we celebrate Farm Credit when they ushered in and came and helped to restore and invigorate America at a great time, and they're still doing the same thing today,” Scott said. “I want to say to Farm Credit, God bless Farm Credit. God bless those 100 years. and God bless the United States of America.

The special session of the House of Representatives kicked off a series of Farm Credit 100 Week events in Washington, D.C., that recognized Farm Credit’s centennial and its essential role in meeting the critical needs of rural communities and agriculture, today and into the future.