States Issue Proclamations in Support of Farm Credit Centennial

By Karen Macdonald - August 3, 2016

In recognition of Farm Credit’s 100th anniversary of supporting rural communities and agriculture, states across the nation joined President Obama, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and members of the U.S. Congress in expressing their appreciation for Farm Credit’s continued commitment to fulfilling its mission.

In February, Florida’s legislature passed the first state resolution, which was presented by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Secretary of Agriculture Adam Putnam to leaders from Farm Credit’s three lending associations in the state at an agricultural industry event.

Illinois quickly followed with a resolution from its House of Representatives that read, in part, “We commend the cooperative owners and the employees of the Farm Credit System for their continuing service in meeting the credit and financial-services needs of rural communities and agriculture and we express our confidence and support for the Farm Credit System continuing its mission of providing reliable, consistent credit to the farm families of Illinois, agricultural industry, and rural communities of Illinois into the future.”

Maryland’s General Assembly also issued a resolution in March that highlighted the vital role Farm Credit plays in Maryland’s rural communities and youth agriculture programs, and its commitment to serving agricultural producers across the state.

In May, Oklahoma’s Senate passed a Farm Credit resolution that included the message, “that the Oklahoma State Senate recognizes and commends Farm Credit, and especially local Farm Credit offices…for 100 years of support and service to the agricultural community in Oklahoma and nationwide.” The state’s House of Representative introduced a similar resolution.

Pennsylvania added its support for Farm Credit in June with a proclamation from the state’s House of Representatives that recognized “the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Farm Credit System and commend the farmer-owners and the employees of the Farm Credit System for their continuing service in meeting the credit, financial services and educational programming needs of rural and agricultural communities in Pennsylvania.”