Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives
Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives

William J. Lipinski
CEO, Farm Credit East

Hampden, Massachusetts
Farm Credit Affiliation
Farm Credit East
Bill's Perspective

William Lipinski is Chief Executive Officer of Farm Credit East, which serves nearly 14,000 customers across seven Northeast states. Over the past two decades, he has been an integral contributor to the success of the organization he leads as well as for Farm Credit at the Northeast-regional and national levels.

Bill’s commitment to young, beginning, starter and veteran farmers is a passion. He has implemented multiple programs during his tenure at Farm Credit East that are aimed at furthering the success of these important agricultural producers.

Bill also recognizes how important youth is to agriculture. Each year, Farm Credit East provides 31 college scholarships to worthy applicants across the Northeast. In 2015, scholarships totaling $42,000 were awarded to young men and women pursuing a degree in agriculture and agricultural education. Four of these scholarships were awarded to demographically diverse candidates as Farm Credit East continues focus on the importance of diversity in the farming community, workforce and educational environment.

“I have always wanted to make a difference in Northeast agriculture, and my role in Farm Credit has allowed me to make a difference in the lives of many agribusiness people,” Bill says. “I’ve been able to help many young people start careers in farming, agribusiness and finance. Creating an environment and culture of giving back and stewardship has been personally very rewarding and hopefully has made a lasting difference.”

In 2013, the Farm Credit East Board of Directors formally approved a motion to donate up to two percent of the organization's earnings for stewardship initiatives locally, regionally and nationally. This initiative, recommended by Bill, will give Farm Credit East the ability to provide the necessary support to help make a difference for people and groups in need around the country.

By developing the programs for young and beginning farmers, scholarships for youth and stewardship initiatives for the region, Bill is also positioning Farm Credit East for continued success as he helps create a stronger and even more vibrant agricultural community in the region.

“The future of agriculture is bright. The growing worldwide population will require technological advances to meet the significant need for food and fiber,” says Bill. “I hope both my role in running a financial institution that assists in financing these improvements and the stewardship initiatives implemented by the association will result in people, places and things that make a difference.”

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