Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives
Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives

Wayne T. Davis
Agri-Business President and CEO

Brandon, Florida
Farm Credit Affiliation
Farm Credit of Central Florida
Wayne's Perspective

As U.S. agriculture looks to the future, the aging of the nation’s farmers coupled with the need to feed an ever-increasing populace is an issue garnering attention in the industry. Wayne Davis is a leader in addressing these important topics by developing a college program designed to attract, retain and graduate agricultural entrepreneurs.

CEO and president of his own agri-business, Wayne has worked with the University of Florida to develop its innovating Agricultural Entrepreneurship program. This program focuses on identifying students who may have an entrepreneurial mindset, determining how to increase entrepreneurial thinking, and providing exposure to the concept of entrepreneurship during a student’s program of study.

Today’s college students have a significant desire to study entrepreneurship, and a growing demand for innovative, specialized real-world experience for students. Entrepreneurship educational programs are proliferating nationally with the majority focused on general business students. With Wayne’s support, the University of Florida’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is one of the first to provide an experience-centered program focused on agriculture.

“I’m inspired by the desire to motivate University of Florida students to become entrepreneurs in the agricultural industry, with the goal of sustaining agricultural production in the U.S. and beyond through the free enterprise system with highly educated and motivated participants,” says Wayne.

The program is being piloted with course-specific instruction, lectures by successful entrepreneurs, and mentoring by entrepreneurs. It’s incorporation of leadership training alongside academic and real-world experience is offering a solid foundation for the next generation of agricultural entrepreneurs.

Looking ahead to the future of agriculture and the need for increased production, Wayne says, “The potential for success is unlimited. Ag production will become much more sophisticated and technical, and many new firms and professionals will be required to support production."

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