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Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives

Troy Buck

Alpine, Arkansas
Farm Credit Affiliation
Farm Credit Services of Western Arkansas
Troy's Perspective

Troy Buck is a long-time vocational agriculture teacher in Arkansas and a member of the Arkansas Agriculture Hall of Fame.

Since 1961, Troy has guided vocational agriculture programs in Hope and Amity and for the consolidated Centerpoint School District. He has helped shape the futures of thousands of students, including mentoring state FFA officers and numerous state competition winners.

“I want to see young men and women learn the values and skills necessary to be well trained, productive citizens,” says Troy. “I’d like to have each of my students, ten years after graduation, be a productive person and gainfully employed.”

One of his most significant achievements was the completion of the student-run Centerpoint High School meat processing lab and school farm, which are considered among the jewels in Arkansas agricultural education. In 2000, Centerpoint's vocational-agricultural program was named the Outstanding Ag Program in America.

Three times honored as the state Agriculture Teacher of the Year, in 1982 Troy was awarded the Pioneer Award by the Arkansas Department of Vocational Education. In 1992, the Amity FFA won the national Building our American Communities award for restoring the old school building and turning it into the Alpine Community Center.

Troy serves as a member of the board of directors for Farm Credit of Western Arkansas, the state board of Arkansas Farm Bureau and in 2004 was awarded the Dan Pilkinton Award for Outstanding Service to Public Education by the Arkansas School Boards Association.

“Our future holds many challenges for which we must prepare,” says Troy. “The future must prove us successful because we must feed and lead the world.”

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