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Seneca FFA Chapter

Louisville, Kentucky
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Seneca FFA Chapter's Perspective

The Seneca FFA Chapter in Louisville, Kentucky, actively looks for and creates opportunities to educate and advocate for agriculture locally, throughout Kentucky, the U.S. and even internationally.

“Our inspiration comes from the idea that the world can be united through the language of agriculture,” says the Chapter Officer- Sentinel. “It shouldn’t just be talked about in rural areas because it’s everywhere. In our FFA chapter we have members from different races, religions, cultures, and backgrounds. We all care about agriculture. It unites us.”

The members of this organization help give agriculture a voice in their city through a variety of events including volunteering at civic events, providing exhibitions at retirement homes and elementary schools. They bring their own pets and livestock to share with others, and at events they created themselves such as Animals for Learning and the Plant Fair, they give demonstrations on all aspects of agriculture from milking a cow to composting waste.

“With each experience we hope to achieve something different,” say some of the senior members of the group. “Maybe it’s bringing a smile to a group of seniors at the nursing home that we bring our animals to or showing our thanks to staff through an appreciation breakfast at Seneca. We set different goals for each experience we have, but we always hope to promote agriculture, help people who aren’t normally exposed to it understand agriculture a little more, and to become better leaders so we can help build the community in the future.”

The group partners with local organizations like the Soil and Water Conservation Board to prepare sapling trees to distribute to other students to plant in their yards. It works with the Jefferson County Farm Bureau to advocate at monthly meetings and sends members to volunteer at Farm Bureau events like the Kentucky State Fair, caring for animals used to teach attendees about Kentucky agriculture.

Taking what they learn far beyond the classroom and their organization to both rural and urban areas, in the past four years these FFA members have completely changed the view of urban agriculture at Seneca High School. They have actively worked in the community to do the same. They’ve met with Louisville's Mayor, Greg Fischer, to promote the National FFA Convention and spoke with His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, at an environmental and sustainability conference, where they hosted a booth on urban agriculture.

“We see the future of agriculture as a place where transparency between farmers and consumers will be more prevalent so that better understanding and less miscommunication will occur, and where more people will be raising more food in their local communities,” says one senior member. “We also hope more high schools will open agriculture classrooms and FFA chapters so people can experience these things hands-on at a younger age and be more likely to consider it as a future career.”

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