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NRECA International Foundation

Arlington, Virginia
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NRECA International Foundation's Perspective

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) supports the 840 electric cooperatives and 65 generation and transmission cooperatives that bring power to 42 million citizens and 18.5 million businesses, homes, schools, churches, farms, irrigation systems and other establishments in 47 states. NRECA’s members serve 2,500 of America’s 3,141 counties, including the most remote.

Recognizing the transformative impact that access to power has on families, communities and economies, the NRECA International Foundation now works to bring rural electrification to communities in underdeveloped countries. More than 42 countries around the world have benefitted from the Foundation’s efforts, which include both financial contributions and volunteer support provided by America’s rural electric cooperatives.

“We strive to impact the health, education, economic development and safety of rural populations around the world through electrification,” says Marc Breslaw, executive director for the NRECA International Foundation.

These efforts are a means for America's rural electric cooperatives to bring the benefits of electricity, which many take for granted, to improve the lives and livelihoods of those living in less fortunate circumstances. This electrification puts the promise of improved health, education, productivity and parity of opportunity firmly within the grasp of those working for individual and societal advancement for our fellow global citizens, helping create a better future.

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