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Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives

Linwood "Sonny" Scott, Jr.
Owner and President, Scott Farms

Lucama, North Carolina
Farm Credit Affiliation
AgCarolina Farm Credit
Sonny's Perspective

Since they married in 1968, Linwood “Sonny” Scott, Jr. and his wife Alice have been avidly improving their operation, increasing their acreage and expanding their crops and their market.

The couple began with a few hundred acres primarily growing tobacco and soybeans. Later, working with their sons Linwood III and Dewey, they added wheat and corn. In 1985 they introduced 15 acres of sweet potatoes and the crop has become a cornerstone of the family’s operation. Today, Scott Farms encompasses 13,000 acres across five North Carolina counties.

“A commitment to family and preserving our heritage as a family farm are the driving forces behind me and our business,” Says Sonny. “Scott Farms began as a family operation and no matter how large we grow or how our volumes increase, we will continue to be committed to the quality and service I was taught by the generations before me.”

In 2000, Scott Farms opened its first international office in the United Kingdom to market sweet potatoes throughout Europe. Aided by such market expansion, in 2015 the family completed construction on a state-of-the-art, automated packing facility that supports their year-round packing and shipping operation. Their operation also includes grain and sweet potato storage and tobacco load, baling and curing systems.

“I hold to a standard of treating people how you want to be treated, and the outcome will overwhelmingly be a positive one,” says Sonny. “We hope to continue to build and innovate, which are things that our entire community will benefit from for generations to come.”

A focus on people and community is a strong theme in the Scott family. Each of them has held leadership positions in civic and industry organizations.

Sonny has served as Director of the North Carolina Sweet Potatoes Commission, the Wilson County Young Farmers Association and the North Carolina Corn Growers Association. Alice serves on the Wilson Chamber of Commerce and as President of the Wilson County Humane Society. Linwood III, who is Vice President of Tobacco and Farm Operations for the family, also serves on many boards including the Farm Bureau and Planning Boards in Wilson County. Dewey is the Vice President of Sweet Potato Operations, and also serves as President and Coach for Lucama’s Youth Athletic Association and is Past President of the North Carolina Sweet Potatoes Commission.

Their successful efforts in farming have also earned the family numerous awards. Together they won recognition as the Wilson County Young Farmer of the Year and the North Carolina Young Farmer of the Year, with Linwood III being named the U.S. National Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year.

The family remains committed to continuing to pursue leadership roles and hold to its vision for the future of agriculture and rural communities.

“Commitment to working together across businesses to bring a fresh, healthy and domestically produced agricultural product to the consumer will be key to the future of agriculture,” says Sonny. “Today’s young farmers must work together to continue to innovate and produce these products at a price that will allow future farms to thrive and build a safe and sustainable supply of farm products.”

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