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Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives

Joshua Eilers
Military Veteran, Farmer and Owner of Ranger Cattle

Austin, Texas
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Capital Farm Credit
Joshua's Perspective

Joshua Eilers is an energetic and dedicated young cattle rancher and also a dedicated U.S. military veteran. His successful endeavors set an example for other veterans as well as other young and beginning farmers and ranchers.

Joshua owns Ranger Cattle, a pureblood Wagyu operation, and sells his high-quality beef to restaurants in the Austin, Texas area and online directly to consumers.

“We specialize in direct marketing our Wagyu Beef to local restaurants and consumers. This allows me to provide service to my community and fills a gap in my life that exists post-military,” says Joshua. “As an Army Ranger, every day with great pride I put on a uniform in service to our nation. Today, I take immense pride in the work I, with other veterans, do on the ranch because we are able to provide our community with high-quality beef."

In an effort to provide the best beef possible, Joshua has incorporated scientific developments that he believes have the ability to enhance the beef industry as a whole if they are implemented across the board. He’s assisted other ranchers in incorporating these same methods, and welcomes visitors to ranch to tour the operation.

“I hope to lead by example in the ethical treatment of animals and thereby increase trust between producers and consumers,” says Joshua. “My goal is to run a transparent and ethical operation so that our customers trust the quality of our beef.”

Joshua is a Purple Heart Army veteran, and a graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger course, considered one of the toughest leadership-focused training programs in the world. As a sergeant, he served as team leader for the U.S. Army’s First Ranger Battalion and was part of four deployments. He is helping to lead the way for other veterans who are also looking for a way to continue their service to America.

Joshua is part of the Farmer Veteran Coalition's Homegrown By Heroes program, which provides a distinctive label to veteran farmers to use on their products so consumers know they are supporting America’s military veterans. Last year, Joshua traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with members of Congress and discuss the commitment of rural Americans to military service with the goal of developing viable employment and meaningful careers through the collaboration of the farming and military communities.

“I hope momentum carries us toward more healthy communities via ethical agricultural production and education,” says Joshua. “Social media and farmers markets give us unlimited direct access to connect with people on an individual basis. We can now lead the way in showing consumers happy, healthy animals, and providing an understanding of not only where, but how their foods are created. This access, coupled with data gathering to enhance selective breeding decisions, adds value to the beef industry as a whole.”

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