Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives
Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives

Joe Newton
Owner and Manager, JT Farms

Yuma, Colorado
Farm Credit Affiliation
Premier Farm Credit
Joe's Perspective

Joe Newton operates a large irrigated cow-calf and feeder cattle operation in northeast Colorado and led the charge to stop a water policy that would have severely curtailed agriculture in the region.

Working with his wife, Kelli, Joe is an exemplary producer, focused on using technology and innovation to become the most efficient producer he can. They follow exacting business practices learned at the many financial and production management seminars they’ve attended, seeking each year to improve their knowledge and their operation. Through such discipline, when their crops are harvested, they know exactly what it cost to produce each bushel; when their calves are weaned, they can tell you exactly what it cost to produce that calf. Such information is essential to developing a sound marketing plan as well as planning for the next production cycle. He is quick to share his knowledge with other producers, helping them to improve their own operations.

“My inspiration is to communicate and teach young farmers the industry of agriculture,” says Joe. “I appreciate working with people and sharing what I have experienced. I enjoy starting new projects whether farm, business or community related.”

When 4,000 irrigation wells in eastern and northeastern Colorado were in imminent danger of being shut down due to the Republican River Water Basin compact with Kansas, Joe formed and led the Colorado Agricultural Preservation Association (CAPA) with funding from area farmers and ranchers. CAPA hired water experts and developed an alternate solution to shutting down the irrigation wells, essential for agricultural production in the area: the Republican River Compact Compliance Pipeline. Through his leadership of CAPA, Joe has also been leading the effort along with the Republican River Water Conservation District to reduce irrigation water consumption.

“I would like to challenge the younger generation in achieving improvements of efficiencies in water and productivity,” he says. “Agriculture is at a time of historic change. We are looking at a technology explosion, and this is a time of networking and partnerships to create working environments.”

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