Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives
Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives

Dr. Barry L. Flinchbaugh
Professor, Kansas State University

Manhattan, Kansas
Farm Credit Affiliation
Frontier Farm Credit
Barry's Perspective

Dr. Barry L. Flinchbaugh is a legendary educator, policy expert and extension leader.

Dr. Flinchbaugh has been a professor at Kansas State University (KSU) for 45 years, teaching his pupils to be objective while challenging them to be engaged. He has logged countless hours and miles as an extension educator, becoming familiar with every Kansas county and many of the families who live in them. As a Professor Emeritus, Dr. Flinchbaugh still teaches undergraduates and is now educating a third generation of KSU families.

“I believe that democracy depends on an educated citizenry, and I work to prepare the next generation to influence policy and farmers and ranchers to more effectively participate in the policy-making process,” he says.

Prior to joining the KSU faculty and the KSU Cooperative Extension Service, Dr. Flinchbaugh amassed expertise in local government finance and developed a foundation for research and education that would span decades. His work led to the examination and creation of a state taxation system in Kansas that is more equitably reliant on sales, property and income taxes, shifting undue tax burdens from the backs of property owners, especially farmers and ranchers.

Dr. Flinchbaugh’s influence reaches beyond Kansas to the national and international arenas. He represents the agricultural community through active participation in the development of U.S. agricultural policy. He is and has been a trusted adviser to industry leaders, members of Congress, presidents, cabinet secretaries and international dignitaries. His service on numerous national task forces, boards of directors and advisory groups has allowed him to provide input on domestic food and agriculture policy. He served as chairman of the Commission on 21st Century Production Agriculture authorized in the 1996 FAIR ACT, also known as the Freedom to Farm Act.

He is also passionate about the role agriculture plays in feeding starving people. His thought-leadership and personal integrity have been respected for generations.

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