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Chuck Currie
Farmer and Founder, Freedom Food Farm

Raynham, Massachusetts
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Farm Credit East
Chuck's Perspective

Chuck Currie started Freedom Food Farm in 2012 with the goal of creating a sustainable farming operation in Southeastern Massachusetts that would supply the local community with fresh, healthy and affordable meat and produce throughout the year.

“Our farm aspires to meet the growing demand for healthy food year-round,” says Chuck. “I am encouraged when I hear from customers that their lives and health have changed for the better since they started getting their food from our farm. Knowing that our farm is making a positive impact in the community is what truly motivates me.”

Freedom Food Farm operates under the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, allowing community members to purchase produce directly from the farm. This approach has helped promote more transparency and understanding between farmers and consumers. Chuck and his fellow farmers have furthered this relationship through practices that include donating produce and offering a sliding scale for CSA shares to help ensure that their entire community has access to their nutritious food. Outside of traditional produce and meat production, the farm also offers on-farm educational events, including Shitake Mushroom Growing, Organic Gardening from Seed to Plate, Pickling, Chicken Processing and Fermentation.

“I believe good food is the foundation of a thriving community. I believe the Community Supported Agriculture model is a great way to expand the farm’s role from solely food producer to include community meetinghouse, educational center and recreational area for the community,” Chuck says. “I hope that as we build our farm around these principles, the community will further recognize the value of farmers, farms and farmland. I believe this realization would lead to a concerted effort to support and encourage an increase in local agricultural production, increasing everyone’s access to healthy food.”

In its first four years of operation, Freedom Food Farm has grown from its initial 30-acre parcel in Rhode Island to the current 88-acre parcel in Massachusetts. Gross sales in 2015 are expected to exceed $375,000 and the farm now employs eight full-time staff, as well as many more part-time employees during the busier harvest months.

Freedom Food Farm continues to strengthen its foothold as a mainstay in the local community, supported by positive interactions with community members while helping to shape their views on local agriculture.

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