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St. Paul, Minnesota
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CHS's Perspective

Originated in 1929, CHS is the nation’s largest cooperatively organized business, with sales of more than $40 billion.

With almost 11,000 employees across 25 countries, CHS is a globally integrated energy, grains and foods system innovatively linking producers with consumers. Owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives across the United States, CHS also offers business solutions including insurance, financial and risk management services. As a cooperative, CHS i shares a portion of its profits with, its 1,100 member cooperatives and 70,000 individual producer-owners owners.

“Commitment epitomizes our deeply held rural values: Say what you’ll do and then do what you say. Day in and day out. Not for a few hours, weeks or years, but for the long haul,” says Carl Casale, President and CEO of CHS. “We are committed to helping our owners grow.”

Over the past five years, the cooperative has returned more than $2.7 billion in cash to its owners, demonstrating not only its own successful financial stewardship but also contributing to a strong financial foundation to help these businesses thrive and contribute to strong rural economies. CHS has recorded net income of nearly $5 billion over the past five years. Net income for fiscal year 2015 was $781 million.

“It’s a pleasure to share the CHS story each and every day, with producers and other leaders in the industry,” says Carl. “It’s energizing to work with our member cooperatives, producers, CHS employee team and other partners toward fulfilling our mutual commitment: Helping our owners grow.”

The cooperative is focused on the future and continuing to fulfill its commitment to its owners, through direct financial returns and maintaining its strong financial foundation.

“We have entered some stormy seas and it could be several years before we experience smooth sailing once again,” says Carl. “CHS was built to withstand the storms and to even consider them as opportunities. Each and every step we have taken has been part of a strategic plan to help our owners grow, and has been done in the face of the up-and-down nature of the commodities market. We must manage for today, but lead for tomorrow.”

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