Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives
Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives

Carly Olufs
Farmer and Student, Petaluma High School

Petaluma, California
Farm Credit Affiliation
American AgCredit
Carly's Perspective

Carly Olufs is a young pioneer in genetics and dairy cattle breeding as well as a successful businesswoman, all achieved by the age of 18.

Raised around agriculture, Carly found her calling at the age of ten when she took on a heifer as her first 4-H dairy project. From that moment on, Carly says she found her passion and has not looked back. She’s since built her own company, Carly-O Jerseys and Holsteins, where she breeds, raises, milks and sells registered Jersey and Holstein dairy cattle. Her herd has grown from her first heifer to more than 15 head of registered cattle.

“There have been so many that have inspired me, that I want to be that person for others,” Carly says. “My passion for the dairy industry has driven me to accomplish great things and has helped me pave the path for my future goal of becoming a dairy cattle geneticist.”

Carly's partnerships with dairy industry leaders have assisted her with housing her milk cows and have exposed her to new and useful breeding advancements and marketing strategies. She breeds using artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization and knows that improving her cows’ genetics increases milk production and the overall quality of her herd. She evaluates each cow’s milk production and that cow's sire to balance the goal of producing a female with production numbers superior to her dam while still having strong breed quality.

“I intend to continue to breed and develop my herd of registered Jerseys and Holsteins, and look forward to giving back to my community as a future 4-H leader,” she says.

Carly has won many awards, including being a 2015 National FFA Dairy Production Entrepreneurship Proficiency Finalist and the 2014 Breeder of the Future for the California Holstein Association. One of her first generation animals was recently named the U.S. National Champion Jersey Cow at the All American Jersey Show in Louisville, KY and also the Supreme Champion Dairy Cow of the North American International Livestock Exposition.

Carly will begin attending college in 2016, where she plans to continue her education in agriculture, all while maintaining her business.

“The experiences that I’ve gained in 4-H and FFA have exposed me to numerous career options and provided me with leadership opportunities,” she says. “I now know that I would like to work with dairymen to improve milk production, optimize feed efficiency and enhance herd health.”

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