Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives
Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives

Carley Snider
Student, The Ohio State University

Felicity, Ohio
Farm Credit Affiliation
Farm Credit Mid-America
Carley's Perspective

Growing up on her family's small farm and participating in 4-H, Carley Snider’s interest in agriculture began at an early age and has grown through her college years as she dedicates herself to learning about and promoting agriculture and helping others improve and succeed.

Soon after Carley joined FFA, she began participating in leadership development and community service activities. As she gained knowledge about the importance of agriculture in feeding and clothing our world, her interest also grew in serving and educating others. She served as an Ohio FFA state officer and truly developed her passion for agriculture and service. Since this experience, Carley has sought out every opportunity to gain a variety of perspective in many different settings, all while promoting agriculture.

Carley has spent the last three years volunteering with a variety of organizations including the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation where she was an Ohio State Fair Ambassador translating dialogue between the organization and the general public.

"The industry of agriculture is one that affects all living people on earth," says Carley. "As a strong believer in serving others, there is no better industry to be engaged in as it serves all people. My faith drives me to dedicate my time and talents towards improving the lives of others through service."

During her internship at Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association, she developed educational activities promoting agricultural. She served as a Sustainable World Tour Intern where she identified critical learning points for youth on bio-products. Carley shared her passion on a national level as a workshop presenter for the National FFA.

“I choose to serve others through educating, assisting, and bettering their lives in the area of agriculture because it is the most vital resource in their life,” says Carley. “Knowing I can leave a positive impact, big or small, on a person’s engagement in agriculture inspires me to continue.”

Service learning is an important focus for Carley, one she shared with students from across the country as a volunteer promoting FFA’s Living to Serve and Hunger Heroes Program. Her engagement has reached across the sea when she participated in Study Abroad programs in both Brazil and Honduras, learning about global agriculture, building houses and establishing community gardens.

“I hope my energy is spent helping people have a better engagement with the industry that feeds and clothes them, whether that be as a producer or a consumer,” she says. “Overall, I want agriculture to be an industry that provides necessary resources and knowledge to people across the globe every day.”

Supporting the next generation of agriculture advocates, Carley serves as a coach and mentor to her local FFA chapter, giving back to her rural community and inspiring youth to appreciate agriculture. She also shares her leadership talents with many student organizations at Ohio State University where she is studying Agriculture Education.

Of the future, Carley says, “The future of agriculture holds a lot of promise for growth. It holds a promise for improved farming practices and resources around the world, especially in developing countries. It holds a promise for a more sustainable use of existing resources. It holds a promise to continue shaping youth into leaders with strong convictions and stronger work ethics. It holds a promise for expansion of engagement between farmers and consumers. And it holds a promise for the continuous cultivation of knowledge and skills that will affect all people around the world.”

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