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Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives

Amanda Zaluckyj
Attorney and Blogger at

Coloma, Michigan
Farm Credit Affiliation
GreenStone Farm Credit Services
Amanda's Perspective

In 2012, Amanda Zaluckyj began blogging to show the real face of American farmers. She conceived The Farmer's Daughter USA to promote and explain modern agricultural production, and found that consumers were looking for the information she was presenting and farmers appreciated the communication tools she provided.

“I was getting frustrated with all the bad and negative information and marketing gimmicks directed toward modern agriculture, and finally realized that, instead of just being mad about it, I should actually do something,” Amanda says. “To that end, I started blogging and writing and I’ve never looked back. Now, it makes me so happy to have someone tell me that I have cleared up any food misconceptions for them, or made them less afraid of eating conventional foods.”

Amanda's writing is straight-forward and easy to understand, taking complex ideas in science, law, and politics, and presenting them in a way that is accessible to readers. This has also benefited farmers, whose practices are often difficult for the public to understand. Amanda acts as a resource for them by providing shareable information and valuable talking points.

“Consumers are bombarded with bad marketing everywhere, and I want to be a trusted source of accurate information,” she says. “My content can also provide an easy way for farmers to explain our position and production methods. I want to have a positive message about modern agriculture that benefits both consumers and farmers.”

Aside from her own website, Amanda has contributed to other online publications and industry websites, including the nationally recognized The Daily Caller. Amanda continues to educate an ever-expanding audience on the safety and efficacy of modern agriculture, and to arm farmers for important discussions with consumers.

“I think the future of agriculture is bright and has the potential to expand into areas that aren’t even on our radar right now,” Amanda says. “We have to be our own ambassadors and then we’ll see agriculture progress and meet the needs of the future.”

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