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Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives

Adam Montri
Farmer and Managing Member of Ten Hens Farm, and Outreach Specialist for Michigan State University

Bath, Michigan
Farm Credit Affiliation
GreenStone Farm Credit Services
Adam's Perspective

Adam Montri has devoted himself to building his own farm near Bath, Mich., as well as to helping farmers across the state and country and advocating for programs that support agriculture and rural communities.

Adam and his wife purchased two acres and a fixer-upper farm house in 2007. After undertaking significant land renovation, they planted cover crops to supplement their soil and built seven hoophouses and a walk-in cooler. Ten Hens Farm now encompasses these two acres as well as rented land, and produces vegetables year round that are sold on-farm, to local farms, at the farmers’ market, to local grocers and area restaurants, and to a regional food distributor.

Adam has shared his knowledge and expertise about farming in a state with long, cold winters, and actively helped many fellow farmers build their own hoophouses. He has helped build a hoophouse at the school and another in Lansing, Mich., in cooperation with GreenStone Farm Credit Services. Adam has worked as a Hoophouse Outreach Specialist in the Michigan State University Department of Horticulture, developed an online class, makes how-to videos, and responds to text messages from other farmers at all hours. He’s committed to helping farmers be innovative and to supporting them as they make changes to survive and be successful.

“I hope that as farmers we achieve strong, economically viable farming communities that support business development and job opportunities at local, regional, national and international levels,” Adam says. “When we are successful in creating these communities, we also strengthen the social connections between our rural, suburban and urban areas. I believe that it is entirely possible that farming and agriculture can be a foundation and means to achieving overall healthy communities where all citizens are able to be contributing members of society.”

Adam is actively involved in the community and works to develop food and ag programs that are changing Bath for the better. He works with teachers on Annie’s Big Nature Lessons, and served on the visionary committee for the Bath Farmers Market.

“Our industry is tasked with feeding an ever-growing world population through increased yields while simultaneously producing safe products that are also environmentally responsible,” Adam says. “Farmers, together with science from industry and universities, will create new production and distribution systems while strengthening and optimizing current ones. The opportunity to increase global food security while increasing financial viability for farmers ensures the future of agriculture is bright and promising.”

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