Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives
Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives

Aaron Alejandro
Executive Director, Texas FFA Foundation

Wichita Falls, Texas
Aaron's Perspective

Aaron Alejandro serves as the executive director of the Texas FFA Foundation where he has successfully secured the financial backing to enable the organization to develop young people who can become good stewards and leaders of their home, community, state and nation.

Sixteen years ago, Aaron took the reins of the Texas FFA Foundation. At that time it had a modest annual operating budget, no programmatic direction, limited scholarships and limited partnerships. He has since turned it into a $9 million organization with a $1 million annual operating budget serving the largest FFA association in the United States and the largest Career Technical Student Organization in Texas.

Aaron’s fundraising achievements were unprecedented: he secured the first $1 million gift to the FFA in the nation from Ford Motor company/Texas Ford Dealers, and the largest individual gift of $1.5 million from Richard Wallrath, which permanently endowed the scholarships for the agriscience awards, Star Awards and several proficiency award winners.

“Having grown up in a broken home with low economic status and being sent to a home for boys, I appreciate the investment others made in me and now it’s my turn to give back,” Aaron says. “Now I strive to promote agriculture, agricultural science education and the value of the Texas FFA program to a broader constituency.”

Under Aaron’s leadership, the Texas FFA Foundation has secured corporate partners, created student ambassadors, and developed mentoring programs, ethical leadership training, agricultural advocacy programs, and leadership development programs for teachers. In addition to helping fund these important initiatives, Aaron was also instrumental in establishing “Texas Proud of Texas Agriculture,” a collaboration between the Texas FFA, Texas 4‐H, Texas Farm Bureau and the Texas Department of Agriculture. This initiative helps educate consumers and policy makers about the importance of using best practices in agriculture in order to feed Texas, America and the world.

Aaron’s leadership started young: he became the first, and to date only, Hispanic state president for the Texas FFA Association in 1985. He has also served in a variety of professional positions including as a district director for a U.S. Congressman and is a nationally known speaker and organizational trainer.

“With a growing world population, limited natural resources and a United States known for leadership, technology, innovation and stewardship, we are poised to feed a hungry world,” Aaron says. “We have three vital and renewable resources: agriculture, youth and leadership. The FFA combines all three for young leaders today and dynamic influencers tomorrow.”

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